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Stevan Mena

Screenwriter, published novelist, award winning director, editor and composer, Stevan is the quintessential auteur. His films Malevolence, Brutal Massacre: A Comedy, and Bereavement, which he wrote, produced, directed, edited, and composed the score for, have been distributed theatrically worldwide and received numerous festival awards. Bereavement, starring Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson, San Andreas) was chosen as the opening film for UK's horror channel line up. His debut novel, Transience, has been published in many countries in several languages. His latest feature, Malevolence 3: Killer, completes his Malevolence trilogy.  Stevan is Repped by Juliet Mushens, Caskie Mushens Agency (UK).


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"I am not kidding when I say this is a franchise that is up there with the likes of Halloween. Unmissable."


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